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Learn the Transformative Strategies to Engage A Rising China - the future #1 Superpower and Global Economy by 2030.



Savio S. Chan is a leading authority on Sino-US business relations and has been a pre-eminent expert on building and sustaining a constructive, bi-lateral relationship and global partnerships between US and China over his 25 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and a visionary business leader.

Mr. Chan has long been recognized as the preeminent expert on business in China and building strategic relationships with Chinese businesses and consumers. He has been co-founder and CEO of US China Partners, Inc. since 2003, facilitating local and cross-border joint ventures and strategic partnerships among leading Chinese State-owned Enterprises, private companies, and Fortune 500 companies. He was Executive Director for New York Venture Capital Association. 

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He served as China Advisor to Hudson’s Bay Company, parent of Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor, from 2016 to 2019, helping the retailer build strategic partnerships with leading Chinese SOEs and private retail and e-commerce leaders. He has been a sought-after advisor and consultant to companies like ICBC Bank, Louis Vuitton, Brooks Brothers, Haier America, Tourneau, Montblanc, Piaget and Roger Dubuis advising on strategies involving Chinese consumers and Asian American businesses.

Additionally, Mr. Chan has been an advisor and board member to several international corporations, non-profit organizations, and high-net-worth Chinese families on their U.S. and China investments and expansion strategies. From 2007-2013, he was regional president of the Northeast for the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce, serving as a gateway to Corporate and government contracts for Asian American businesses and entrepreneurs. From 2017 to the present he serves as founding Chairman of fundraising for Ascend Charity Golf Tournament, having raised over $660,000 to Ascend Foundation. He introduced a new US-China Next Generation course, iLEAD, a collaboration between Cornell University and CKGSB (Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business). He has been one of the fifteen Cornell Mentors at SC Johnson Family School of Business at Cornell University and participated in their Annual Cornell Mentors Forum for the last five years. He is a member of the National Committee of US-China Relations, a national Think Tank. Mr. Chan is also co-founder of the Asian American Authors Book Club, in partnership with Barnes & Noble Fifth Avenue.

His book, “
China Super Consumers – What One Billion Customers Want and How to Sell it to them” was published by John Wiley & Sons. The Amazon’s best-seller was selected by Air France Club China as one of the four “must-reads” books on China. The book was translated and published both in China and Korea. Mr. Chan has been featured in numerous industry and trade success profiles, including articles in the New York Times, Forbes, Chief Executives Magazines, Inc. Magazine, Yahoo Finance, and Newsday. He is a frequent keynote speaker at Family Office conferences, US-China business conferences organized by the Conference Board, Wharton China Business Forum, and Columbia China Conferences. He is also a frequent TV commentator on Thomson Reuters and CGTN.



Five Strategies of Doing Business with A Rising China

On the heels of hosting a successful 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, China is no longer viewed as a second-class competitor and sometimes partner, but rather like America’s most formidable adversary.

However, most Americans are blind to China’s rise in a fast-changing world. The mass media constantly said China and Communism don’t work. The Chinese aren’t innovative, and they have a big problem with bad debts and inflated property value. Nevertheless, if you look closely at the facts, every day we witness China succeeding in exceptional ways.

China has achieved one of the world’s lowest Covid-19 case rates. Its economy is growing, without monetizing debt, while our economy slowed. The China market continues to be Apple and Tesla’s largest or second-largest, even Starbucks has over 5,500 stores in China.
China’s per capita income has risen over 30 times since 1984. Its stock market is the second largest in the world. According to IMF, it will outpace America to be the largest economy in 2030.

As America is slowly emerging from Covid-19, the time is right for us to clear our minds and adopt new mindsets and strategies to engage in a changing world, and a fast-ascending China.

This Five Strategies will help you connect the dots in doing business with a rising China.

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Supernova – How to Market to the Chinese Global Consumers

China’s consumer market, second only to the US, is key to both American and international brands. Despite who will be the president of China or the US, it will become the largest consumers market in the world by 2025.
The recent shifts in consumer preferences in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic are less well-known. A new study has shown a shift away from material goods towards more experiential spending.

As the global economy stalled in 2020, China’s economy grew by 2% and is on track to grow by 8% in 2021, according to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Chinese consumers are enjoying higher disposable income, particularly in Tier-1 and third Tier-1 cities, where economic activity is heavily centered.

Contrary to popular belief, new categories of growth are emerging and with them, new opportunities. In the post-pandemic economic environment, Chinese city dwellers are looking to experiences – whether they are fine dining, cultural events, gym membership, or further education – to enhance their lives.

According to a recent research study, attitudes to Chinese consumer spending are not homogenous and different generations and genders have different priorities. And they are different than our US consumers.
Understanding how both age and gender affect Chinese consumers’ choices in China, will be vital for brands looking to expand in what continues to be the world’s fastest-growing consumer market

Seven Habits of Protecting Your Intellectual Property in China

As the world’s most populous nation, China tempts businesses with the lure of more than a billion consumers. But the risks are also well-documented—China is rife with copycats looking to steal an entrepreneur’s invention, idea, or innovation. The list of products and services targeted by Chinese counterfeiters is nearly endless: medical devices, movies, leather goods, watches, auto parts, software, shoes, batteries. And Chinese and U.S. companies have been in a near-constant state of competition over patents and trademarks.

Even Apple lost a patent dispute with a small Chinese smartphone manufacturer a few years ago.

Statistics on Chinese piracy of intellectual property show the staggering breadth of the problem. About 20 percent of all products sold in Chinese consumer markets are counterfeit, according to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. And the problem persists outside the Chinese jurisdiction; China was the top source of counterfeit products seized at U.S. border stops in 2021.

But China does not have to be a minefield for new business entries, according to Savio Chan, CEO of US-China Partner and leading authority of US-China partnerships. As long as your business methodically follows our Seven Habits/Steps, it’s possible to make a successful run in China without having your assets taken from you.

Perhaps most importantly, the Chinese government wants this to happen, as it tries to help its economy evolve from a manufacturer or distributor for businesses in other countries to become a leading innovator in the 21st century.




“Savio Chan’s penetrating insight and his humorous story-telling captivated our audiences. He was the highest-ranked speaker for the Conference and people absolutely loved him.”

Robert Reiss

Chairman, The Customer Experience Annual Conference,

The Conference Board




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